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Character Name:  Matsuzaki Suguru (松崎 優)
Gender: male
Age: posing as 16, actual age is 148 (see below)
Grade/Homeroom Class: 2nd year, homeroom 2-B
Height*: 5'6"
Weight*: 120 lbs
Birthdate: November 17th
Blood Type*:He prefers a nice cool A, or a warm and fruity O positive...
Hobbies: playing dating sim video games, watching TV, sleeping, reading manga and magazines, trying to talk to girls and getting shut down
Favorite School Subject: Art and music, the ones you have to study least for.

Appearance: Suguru is a wiry kid with a mess of thick silky black hair that hangs to his chin. His complexion is so ghostly pale that you wonder if he's well. His eyes are dark brown, with a mischievous slant to them, framed with straight lashes. He often looks tired and drained when at school. There are bizarre rumors going around that it's because he's got a terrible disease, that he works a night job, that he doesn't sleep at night. He does sleep through most of his classes, but no one knows what the truth is.

Suguru hangs back in the shadows as much as he can, avoiding direct sunlight if at all possible. His skin gets sunburned very easily and he claims the sun hurts his eyes. He generally wears a distracted and bemused expression on his face. He's listens to music on headphones to shut people out when he wants to seem unapproachable. His posture tends to be slouchy and poor. He prefers sprawling as opposed to sitting.

Suguru can get excited when talking to someone who earns his trust. When engaged in a conversation that he's into, he lights up, eyes wide and twinkling curiously. His grin is crooked and sly, and if he smiles wide enough his pointy white canines can be seen. He is also a master of the self-satisfied smirk. Suguru's voice is a smooth tenor that cracks at times when he speaks at a louder volume. He does not seem to be comfortable in large group situations. He especially appears to avoid the company of males bigger or older than he is, like some sort of beta wolf syndrome.

Suguru is a hopeless wannabe. His image is heavily based on what he reads in magazines or manga that "cool" boys do to be attractive to girls. When the teachers don't make him fix it, his uniform shirt collar is usually open, his tie hanging loosely. He often tries to wear cool things with his uniform only to have them taken away: studded belts, leather bracelets, little chains. No one knows why he continues to do so, it can only be assumed that he is either extremely stupid or extremely stubborn. His left ear has two earrings in it which his hr teacher last year always threatened to rip out, so he's careful to take his earrings off for homeroom and school assemblies. Other teachers generally don't notice because his expensively-cut mop hair covers his ears.

Personality: Matsuzaki Suguru is just your typical awkward teenage boy with typical awkward teenage boy problems. He's gangly, he's moody, he's insecure, he has an overactive imagination, he gets erections at the drop of a hat. Like any teenage boy, he's got deep dark secrets he worries about everyone finding out about-- it's just that Suguru's deep dark secret is that he's actually a vampire.

An important part of surviving amongst humankind is to keep a low profile. Suguru tries his best not to talk than he needs to at school. When he does speak up he usually ends up saying something strange (or just downright stupid) and thus there is a bit of an air of mystery about him. He keeps to himself, sleeps through a lot of his classes, and doesn't get good grades. He's a member of the judo team but not chummy with the other team members. When asked why he joined judo he claims it's because the practices don't necessitate a lot of running or going out of doors. He isn't that smart and he doesn't like studying at all. When he's left alone he gets restless quickly. His attention span is pathetic and his mind wanders onto other things like a dog without a leash. He'd much rather be doing things that are really important to him than hitting the books.

What is important to him? Suguru's secret mission while at school is to find a bride. Period. He doesn't care about getting smart or about making guy friends or about helping others. He cares about finding a bride to please his parents and get them off his case. He has a list of qualities he's looking for in his ideal woman and is always watchful for who's around him. If he can get a girl (who's decently like what he's looking for) all alone and picks up signs that she's possibly interested in him, he'll try his best to engage her in conversation. This hasn't gone well for him so far. He's too weird. Suguru is a spoiled boy who's had most things handed to him at home. He isn't used to being told how to behave. His parents travel most of the time, leaving him at home alone with just a few servants to keep him company. You can guess what this sort of temperament this might lead to in a curious little boy. When he's not trying to put on his "cool prince" act, he's insecure, petulant, whiny, greedy, and stubborn as all get out.

For fun, Suguru spends time trying to skateboard. He also enjoys holing up in his room and playing video games, especially dating sims where you meet and date girls with fluffy outfits and colorful hair. His all time favorite titles are MoeMoe Paradise, Maid Cafe Love Scramble, First Kiss Revolution, Incredible Maid Princess Squad, and Kimono Neechan. He also likes reading manga and novels, and poring over men's magazines to glean image and dating advice. He is very excitable when it comes to sex, because he knows next to nothing about it. This is likely due to the fact that he does not have the internet at home.

When he has free time at home he is supposed to be training in the family's dojo or studying Important Things like formal etiquette, fencing, piano, and ballroom dancing. He wishes to find an excuse to avoid this.

Background: Like the rest of his family, Suguru is a vampire. His family keeps this information strictly private, relocating if the wrong people find out their secret. The Matsuzakis recently relocated to an estate in the area near Kikuryou from the mountains of Kumamoto prefecture. As a vampire, Suguru ages extremely slowly. He is actually 148 years old, even if he appears and behaves 16 (at best). His brother Shigeru appears to be his his late twenties but in truth he's 230. Suguru's mother Tsurumi is 382, his father Yukimasa 502.

Suguru was raised being told he is a proud part of a vast network of family with connections all over the world. Vampires seem to be all distantly related to one another by blood or marriage somewhere along the line, and are governed by the current High Council for Vampirical Affairs, which is based at a secret location in Russia's Siberian forest. Suguru has been told over and over that he is supposed to conduct himself at all times with proper bearing and gentility. He has grown quite bored of this, especially since the current times differ so greatly from his parent's idea of classic manners and propriety.

Suguru's brother Shigeru was apparently always handsome, courtly, brave, and intelligent. He is now grown up, married, and living overseas in England working as one of the Queen's secret service agents. The mere mention of his name makes Suguru grouchy. Suguru's father served as an advisor in the court of various shoguns and emperors, and his hobbies now that he's retired are yachting, playing golf, and lamenting for the old days. Suguru's mother is a socialite who loves to travel, shop, meet new people, and flirt.

Suguru has been through various schools and home tutors during his lifetime, always attending the age group he looked most appropriate for at the time due to his slow aging. Suguru may have been going to school for years and years, but he doesn't feel he's retained much at all over time. He has lived in many different places in Japan, all of them estates or mansions hidden in the middle of nowhere. He's been to a large city only once-- a special trip to Tokyo at the age of five for reasons he can't remember. His parents avoid crowded places and big cities if at all possible, using private means for travel. There are vampire hunters out there, after all, and while the city is a buffet of available delicious food source, it's a very dangerous place for vampires to go.

At the moment, as Suguru nears his adulthood, his parents are on him to settle down and find his Eternal Bride. This refers to a hallowed and arcane ritual through which a vampire boy is mated to a female. Suguru has chosen to find his own bride as opposed to being matched with someone, but if he doesn't successfully find a bride before his 150th birthday, his parents are going to choose one for him.

To be bonded in marriage, Suguru needs to find a candidate (either human or vampire) and have her drink a small cup of his blood, three times. This can be accomplished by trickery or deception, but it needs to be done to detailed specifications to work properly. Suguru disagrees with the old idea of tricking a girl into eternal matrimony. He wants to find not only the perfect specimen of a girl (down to her measurements), but he wants to convince her to go through with the ritual voluntarily. Needless to say, Suguru has had absolutely no luck finding a girl who is willing to do this for him. His parents are already researching possible matches. He's running out of time, and his future is beginning to look very bleak if he doesn't do something about it soon.

Suguru is not as strong as his parents expected him to be. His fighting skills are nowhere near his brother's were at the same age. He also seems to lack certain instincts and natural talent for being a vampire. This has made him something of an embarrassment to the family in vampire society. He just doesn't enjoy it the way a boy should, his relatives lament. He is not the best at successfully hunting prey, and he had near-fatal brush with a bounty hunter who ambushed him at his last school. Suguru's parents decided to bring him to Kikuryou this year in hopes that the dark energy of the place will make him stronger and perhaps awaken a bit of the natural bloodsucking predator in him. When he steps on campus, he does feel a bit of a buzz in his veins...

Does your character have any kind of unusual powers? This is the place to elaborate on that:  Suguru is weak against bright lights and sunlight and unable to stand the smell or taste of garlic, which makes him ill. Because of this he dreads the days the cafeteria serves Italian food. He is not afraid of crosses but they do make him feel defensive. It will hurt him if he touches a cross or holy object, similar to the effect it might have if the object was a hot iron. A sprinkle of holy water has a burning effect on his skin. He cannot be killed except with a wooden stake through the heart. He can become injured, however. He cannot enter another person's house or room unless invited inside. He has to be invited in each and every time. Needless to say, that's a pain in the butt. In this canon, vampires do show up in photographs and in mirrors.

At night Suguru is considerably stronger, lighter on his feet, and more energetic than he is during the daylight hours, when he feels sluggish. He is trained in combat in order to protect himself and hold his own in a fight. His hands are stronger than you might expect. His main skill is speed and agility, but his stamina and power are poor.

As far as feeding, Suguru needs blood to stay healthy. He can eat normal foods but they don't make his body feel satisfied the way human blood does.

Suguru possesses a charm that's handed down in his family known as the Moon Drop. It looks like a small medal on a ribbon, set with a white jewel that looks like a cat's eye. When used correctly it can be used to make a human feel drowsy and forgetful. The effect can be fought off easily with determination, but the fact is that most humans are too lazy to care. Victims generally don't remember what happened to them. They suffer through a few days of feeling under-the-weather (side effects can include: fever, headaches, upset stomach, dizziness, and fatigue) and go on with life as normal. The only proof that anyone was ever there is the two small indentations at the base of the neck. (In this canon, bite victims do not turn into vampires.)

It is absolutely vital to Suguru's survival not to be revealed as a vampire. He needs to take every precaution necessary that the secret doesn't get into the wrong hands. He is suspicious of the people around him, especially of those people he can tell are strong, talented, or whom he senses have unusual powers.

Living Situation: Lives in a suite at his parents' estate, about a thirty minute walk from school. It's a mansion hidden on a forested hill, a cool and dark sort of place surrounded by tall iron gates, overgrown gardens and creepy abandoned lawn sculptures. Definitely not cheerful.

Relation: Suguru will be checking every female he sees against his wish list, and hoping to learn something from them about how to make girls like you. He will also have a jealous eye on every male whom he sees as a threat to his being the most desirable male about. Any male he considers lower than him on the totem pole, he may try to strike up a friendship with if there's something to be gained out of it. He will also be on the hunt for other video game fans with whom to trade rare titles and tips.

Any teacher who tries to discipline Suguru is in for attitude. Teachers who leave him alone and let him do his thing will be tolerated.


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