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We finished moving in. My room here is smaller than it was in Kumamoto. Mom says it's cause the land is more expensive here. Is it? It doesn't look that way to me. Whatever. I got my entertainment center all set up and I had Hiko clean the fireplace (it was all crusty, and I don't want that crust getting on my stuff). I went out for the last couple nights to kind of scope this place out. It's really quiet here at night. There are a lot of birds and animals and things around. I feel a little strange, like there's someone watching me. I'm sure it's nothing, but I feel it.

The girls here aren't that bad. The girls in the last town were a bunch of hicks. I dunno if there's any keepers, or anything, but, not that bad. I have to find out where people hang out for fun. I'm still not sure about that. I heard there's a bookstore, and an udon place, but so far that's all I can pick up info about. Doesn't sound like a good spot to meet people, if you ask me. And where can you get a cherry slushie here? I need to know!

I have school tomorrow. Hrgh. I'm really dreading meeting my new homeroom teacher, cause they could make my life miserable if they wanted to. Teachers are so uncool. Anyway. I will do my best. I better go get Hiko to iron my uniform and all that.


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