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Birthdate:Jun 6
[This is the character journal for Suguru, a character in the rp ghostsugar_rp. This is NOT a journal for a real person.]

PB=Mamiya from S no Yuuitsu, M no Zettai

Name:  Matsuzaki Suguru (松崎 優)
Gender: male

Age: posing as 16, actual age is 148 (see profile)
Grade/Homeroom Class: 2nd year, homeroom 2-B
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Birthdate: November 17th
Blood Type: V He prefers a nice cool A, or a warm and fruity O positive...
Hobbies: playing dating sim video games, watching TV, sleeping, reading manga and magazines, trying to talk to girls and getting shut down
Favorite School Subject: Art and music, the ones you have to study least for.
Favorite Foods: Tomato juice, coffee milk, very rare meat
Favorite Color: Black, dark red, purple
Favorite smell: baby powder. His deodorant is Powder Fresh.
Favorite Comic Books: Crappy harem manga, and he loves X-men and Spiderman even if no one else around him does.
Hates: The smell of garlic, the sound of chewing gum, people who disrupt his sleep, people who tell him what to do
Secret Worries: His dry ashy skin, which he has to use a lot of lotion on all the time; being tied down to a woman who will make his life miserable.

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accessories, advice, anime, art, avoiding hunters, avoiding my parents, avoiding teachers, babes, bikinis, blood, cheap trashy novels, coffee, cute girls, cutiepie magazine, cutting class, dancing, dating, dating sim games, daydreaming, drawing, fashion, fighting, first kiss revolution, french kissing, getting out of studying, girls, girls with short skirts, hot girls, hotties, how to kiss, judo, kicking ass, kimono neechan, kissing, love, making out, manga, martial arts, meat cooked rare, moemoe paradise, more sleep, music, o positive, pretty girls, punk rock, puppies, running around at night, skateboarding, sleep, sleeping, spaghetti sauce, strawberries, tomato juice, tv, victoria's secret catalogs, voice actors
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