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I'm going to say this only once.

Get me off this PLANE.

I should have sat with Oyate-sensei.
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Miyuki-sensei is going on our class trip, isn't she???? Will she be participating in activities with us? Such as going to see that swirly rock pile thingy or playing at the beach, or the class volleyball tournament competition? Whoa that will be something to see. Can you play volleyball well, Miyuki-sensei? Do you like Kona coffee? Will your disposition be nicer when not at school?

So we're staying in hotel rooms right? Four to a room? (why I can't have my own room even if I pay extra is beyond me!) But what about the teachers, where are they going to sleep?

GACK!!! Are the teachers gonna be staying all together in hotel rooms too? That sounds so dangerous. Kramer, you nasty old dude, you had better leave poor Miyuki-sensei ALONE! Yuck!


Jul. 24th, 2009 09:31 pm
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We aren't going to Angkor Wat for our class trip?! Why Hawaii? Hawaii is going to be so... sunny. I'd better stock up on games to play on the airplane ride. I read that it lasts for 7 hours. SEVEN HOURS!!! I hope the lay-down bed seats are comfortable (and leather) and that the champagne they have stocked is good.

And Kramer is gonna drive me nuts on this trip, I can already feel it. Old man had better stay off my ass and let me do what I want. >(

[Private:] SHIT. What the hell am I gonna do on a sunny and hot beach? I swear I'm going to die. Die die die.
On the plus side: bikinis!!! :D


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